Building Resilient Communities: The PHE Way

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Pathfinder International, Population Action International, and Sierra Club are pleased to release this brochure on how PHE contributes to the proposed Sustainable Development Goals!

Check out the brochure here: Building Resilient Communities The PHE Way

“The PHE approach improves access to sexual and repro- ductive health services in hard-to-reach and underserved areas, while empowering communities with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their natural resources in ways that conserve critical ecosystems, contribute to better health outcomes, and expand livelihoods – all key components of the SDGs. PHE programs in remote rural areas demonstrate that integration lowers opportunity costs for beneficiaries compared to stand-alone interventions. Conceptual linkages between human well-being and ecosystem health are better understood when presented in one educational package, alongside related, integrated services. A multi-sectoral approach promotes broad community buy-in, encourages dialogues, deepens understanding and sustains behavior change. Achieving these benefits depends on engaging communities, especially women, in all aspects of program design, implementation, and assessment. It also requires ongoing local coordination and engagement by environ- mental conservation, health and community development groups, and effective project management”.