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Universal Access Project’s Voices from Haiti: Tales of Reproductive Health  

Universal Access Project’s Voices from Haiti: Tales of Reproductive Health shares first person stories told by women in Haiti. Paired with beautiful photographs of women who live predominately in villages outside of Port-Au-Prince, the stories add another dimension to our understanding of the need for family planning. Although they have endured a lot and their… Read more »


Rural Women Worldwide Are on the Frontlines of Climate Change  

This story starts with an epiphany. It happened when a 28-year-old Kenyan woman named Eunice, a community-health worker, went to visit her mother. Eunice eyed the stove in her mother’s home for a long while, thinking. She had never seen anything like it. It was a closed clay oven, a local design, and it wasn’t… Read more »


To Achieve Food Security, We Must Prioritize Women’s Rights as Human Rights

At the end of this month, world leaders will converge on United Nations headquarters in New York to affirm and formally adopt the global sustainable development priorities for the next 15 years. All of the goals are laudable and worth pursuing. They are intertwined and should be pursued simultaneously. Achieving them will immeasurably improve the… Read more »


Vice News: How Climate Change Impacts Women the Most  

The United Nations will finalize in September its Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to eliminate poverty while reducing humanity’s environmental discussion, including lessening the harmful effects of climate change. And some advocates are working to spread the message that climate change impacts men and women differently — and the UN goals need to reflect this sometimes grim reality.


RECAP: Engaging Decisionmakers on Family Planning in the Post-2015 World  

On July 15, the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) celebrated its IDEA—Informing Decision-makers to Act—Project’s first five years with a panel at the Wilson Center where key players in the project shared their successes and lessons learned with the family planning community. Here are some highlights from their talk:   Three drivers of change to create… Read more »

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MUST READ: ‘Rights in Action’ Blog Series  

July 11 marked the third anniversary of the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning and the creation of Family Planning 2020 (FP2020). To commemorate this milestone, FP2020 is pleased to launch a special blog series celebrating the longstanding dedication of our global partners in upholding principles of rights and empowerment in family planning. This 10-day series,… Read more »

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Family Planning Fair Dispels Rumors, Empowers Women  

AHUA, Côte d’Ivoire – As the crowds poured into the fairground in Ahua Village, in rural Côte d’Ivoire, it was clear that this would not be an ordinary festival. Instead of games and prizes, the village square was filled with midwives, health workers and educators directing people to private consultations on family planning. Attendees received pregnancy… Read more »


Sustaining People and the Environment on Lake Victoria   

A meaty technical brief from our friends at Pathfinder International from phase one of their amazing program Health of People and Environment-Lake Victoria Basin (HoPE-LVB) project. The program aims to reduce threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while simultaneously increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services.


How to Meet the Challenges Posed by Population Growth   

Just as developing countries must prepare for the anticipated effects of climate change, they also need to recognize and confront the challenges associated with a rapidly growing population.