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The Holistic Work of The Madagascar PHE Network: The Future of Community Development Looks Like This.  

  Last week the Madagascar Population Health Environment Network launched a report on the powerful integrated community development work they’ve done for the past 25 years. PHE is a multifaceted approach to sustainable development, combining health education and services with natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. When these programs are integrated, parents are better empowered… Read more »


Founder of Grameen Bank puts Women at the center  

The impact of microcredit has resulted not only in increased household income and household savings, but has also increased women’s empowerment, reduced maternal and child mortality, brought down family size, and ensured that millions of children have gone to school — creating a new generation very unlike the previous one. The experience of the Grameen… Read more »

I Went to UNGA, and All I Got Were These Five Questions    

As the dust settles on an exciting United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly, A. Tianna Scozzaro of PAI reflects on all that went down last week, and what it means for the post-2015 development process moving forward.


Three Keys to a Sustainable World  

Last week Melinda Gates tweeted this awesome info-graphic which links together basic health, women’s empowerment and access to birth control. We believe these three things create a very effective package for sustainable development. Not only is it cheap to distribute birth control,vaccines and empower women but the results of doing so are long lasting and… Read more »

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John Kerry’s Statements for Women’s Rights and Reproductive Healthcare  

A week ago the 20th Anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development took place and Secretary of State, John Kerry, made some very important remarks on the topic of Women’s rights and Reproductive Health:  “With the spacing of births, the women had more time to invest in their own futures. They started a… Read more »

Local village fisherman work to catch enough fish to make a living to sell to the local market in the village of Katumbi on Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. The Nature Conservancy is launching a large-scale effort in the Greater Mahale Ecosystem, with Pathfin

Milestone for Community in Tanzania  

In June we featured a story about the communities of Lake Tanganika in Tanzania and the Tuungane Project, which brings together human rights, environmental restoration and human health into one wholesome and inspiring project. Today we celebrate a major development and landmark for the Tuungane Project. Last week, it was announced that “the Tanzanian villages… Read more »

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A Tale of Two Panels  

How challenging will it be to feed the world’s population in 2050? Depends on how many people there are in 2050. And that number depends on a lot of things – not least of which is how many women are empowered to choose their family size with the help of modern contraception.

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Multi-Faceted Problems, Integrated Solutions   

Women at the Center recently spoke with Lucy Shillingi, Pathfinder International’s Country Representative for Uganda. Lucy helps lead Health of People & Environment in Lake Victoria Basin, a project that aims to reduce ecosystem degradation while increasing access to family planning and reproductive health.