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OECD’s revamped website on gender equality

In honor of International Women’s Day OECD is released a revamped website on gender equality: . The new portal includes information on events, ongoing work and publications and presents key data and interactive gender-related charts on more than 80 indicators broadly grouped in the areas of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Health and Development for comparison across OECD and non-OECD… Read more »


COP21, Gender Equality, & Family Planning

On January 19, Social Good, Family Planning 2020, and the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP)  hosted a twitter chat about access to family planning and global goals. The conversation brought up a variety of important questions, such as: “What are the biggest barriers to #Family Planning access? How can we overcome them?” and “What are some challenges to sharing stories of… Read more »


Climate-Resilient Development? We’re Doing It Already!    

The communities with whom we work in Madagascar clearly articulate the links they see between reproductive health, family size and food security. Their perspectives are not limited by the narrow and vertical approaches that characterize many development initiatives. With issues as cross-cutting as climate change, it is vital that we take a multi-sector approach, in a way that reflects the complexity of the interconnections between people, our health and the environment.


Youngster Uses Technology to Fight Teen Pregnancy in Honduran Village  

Four years ago, Cinthia Padilla, who is now 16, learned how to use a computer in order to teach children, adolescents and adults in this isolated fishing village in northern Honduras how to use technology to better their lives. Now she is using her expertise in an online e-learning platform aimed at reducing teen pregnancies in… Read more »


The Economic Case for Funding Planned Parenthood  

Family-planning programs boost incomes, reduce poverty, and ease the load on America’s safety net. And yet, Republicans can’t seem to condemn them strongly enough.


I Love My IUD: Sneak Preview!    

Tomorrow we’re going to share a short film that’s also something very big. And we’re excited! IUD’s and contraceptive implants are tiny little things. Teeny tiny. But for the women of Colorado, they’re making a HUGE difference.


5 Ways Birth Control Has Changed America  

Most people instinctively understand the sheer awesomeness that is being able to have sex without fear of pregnancy, which is why more than 99 percent of sexually active women have used contraception. So the value of birth control should be a settled question, right? But in recent years we’ve seen a surge in political and legal… Read more »


Youth empowerment, education, employment key to future development  

Much the world is poised experience a demographic dividend – the economic growth that can occur when a population shifts from one with many dependents and comparatively few working-age people to one of many working-age people with fewer dependents. Demographic dividends have helped produce unprecedented economic growth in several East Asian countries. To realize the dividend, countries must invest in the empowerment, education and employment of their young people.


School campaign aims to help Côte d’Ivoire reap demographic dividend  

A nationwide campaign has been launched to help empower and educate Côte d’Ivoire’s young people, and to prepare them for future employment. Starting in 2013, the Zero Pregnancies in Schools campaign has contributed to a staggering 20 percent decline in youth pregnancies compared to the previous year.