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Population Is Everything   

Population and the environment are clearly linked, but it’s not a simple equation of fewer people = fewer problems. Roger-Mark DeSouza, director of population, environmental security, and resilience for the Wilson Center, draws the line between population and every other important issue currently facing humans — climate change, urban development, global politics, poverty, the gender… Read more »

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Sex, Lies, and Sea Level Rise: Stories of Population and Climate Change  

More humans on the planet means more competition for resources and more environmental impacts. But even for people with a clear understanding of that link, family-planning decisions are complex. If we’re going to intelligently address population issues, then we need to understand all the various factors at play. To that end, we asked a wide… Read more »

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LA Times: Climate Change and Population Growth    

A recent LA Times editorial took the bull by the proverbial horns on climate change and population, and we applaud the paper for its frank and wide-ranging discussion of these complex and sensitive issues.


Watch me get an IUD — FOR THE PLANET!   

Eve Andrews, Grist’s Living Editor, decides to get an IUD and shares her experience with us to alleviate our fears and anxieties around LARCs (long acting reversible contraception).

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How to Defuse the Population Bomb? Stop over analyzing Family Planning!  

Last month Newsweek published an almost totally-awesome article about population, environment, and family planning, “How to Defuse the Population Bomb”. In the first few pages family planning is talked about in such a positive light, in fact, the writers even say it is one of, if not, the solution to the problems we face: population,… Read more »


Interview with Chantal Inamahoro, Representative of Burundi at Pathfinder International  

Recently WATC sat down with Chantal Inamahoro, Country Representative for Burundi at Pathfinder International, to speak about reproductive health and family planning in her country. Chantal has been with Pathfinder for 5 years, implementing projects around maternal and child health in two different provinces of Burundi. Here is a summary of our interview with Chantal:… Read more »