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Women’s groups and enviros are ideal allies on contraception  

Roberta Riley, JD, on the critical necessity of having women advocates work with environmentalist groups to move access to family planning higher up on the political agenda, resulting in women’s empowerment and slowed population growth.

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World population day: Why you should care  

Author and advocate Laurie Mazur gives her perspective on population growth projections, and how family planning can be used to preserve the environment for generations to come.

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Planning families to protect the future  

Sierra Club blog post documenting the positive effects family planning have on the environment, women’s health and the economy through an integrated PHE (Population, Health, and Environment) approach.

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Women’s rights are the right way to address the population issue  

Suzanne Ehlers, president and CEO of Population Action International (PAI), in a Q&A on PAI’s bread-and-butter issues (family planning and reproductive health), and the impact of meeting women’s need for contraceptives – “the magic of family planning.”

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The world needs population justice  

Writer and advocate Laurie Mazur debates Ian Angus on issues of population, reproductive health and rights, climate change and capitalism.