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We are so excited to share that this October WATC will be on the Sex + Sustainability: Youth Reproductive Rights panel at SXSWEco! The panel “will discuss the connection between population growth, human rights, climate change and overall environmental protection. Many policymakers, activists and journalists have shied away from tackling this complex nexus. Connecting these… Read more »

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Family Planning Fair Dispels Rumors, Empowers Women  

AHUA, Côte d’Ivoire – As the crowds poured into the fairground in Ahua Village, in rural Côte d’Ivoire, it was clear that this would not be an ordinary festival. Instead of games and prizes, the village square was filled with midwives, health workers and educators directing people to private consultations on family planning. Attendees received pregnancy… Read more »


How to Meet the Challenges Posed by Population Growth   

Just as developing countries must prepare for the anticipated effects of climate change, they also need to recognize and confront the challenges associated with a rapidly growing population.


People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About

When Elynn Walter walks into a room of officials from global health organizations and governments, this is how she likes to get their attention: “I’ll say, ‘OK, everyone stand up and yell the word blood!’ or say, ‘Half of the people in the world have their period!’ ” It’s her way of getting people talking… Read more »


Engaging Men in Family Planning Decision-Making  

There is a growing volume of literature on the role of men in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child healthcare (RMNCH) decision-making and the efforts to harness their involvement to improve RMNCH outcomes, both in Kenya and across the globe. Men are viewed as gatekeepers, decision-makers, and financial leads within their family so when measures are taken to ensure their… Read more »

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It’s Not a Numbers Problem

Give our species some credit: We’ve learned a lot in the half-century since Paul Ehrlich warned that overpopulation would spell our doom. Start with the term “overpopulation.” It implies that there are too many people in relation to the planet’s resources, a concept that has fallen out of favor. We now know that resources are… Read more »

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Population Is Everything   

Population and the environment are clearly linked, but it’s not a simple equation of fewer people = fewer problems. Roger-Mark DeSouza, director of population, environmental security, and resilience for the Wilson Center, draws the line between population and every other important issue currently facing humans — climate change, urban development, global politics, poverty, the gender… Read more »