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UAP briefing cards

Sex and sustainable development    

Where does sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) fit into a sustainable development agenda? Just about everywhere, according to a new set of briefing memos produced by the Universal Access Project (UAP), a project of the United Nations Foundation. From education to prosperity, health to gender equality and the environment, the rights of individuals… Read more »


Mariam: The power to plan her family  

“Waiting to have another child gave me the time to keep focused on my business of selling rice to help support my family,” Mariam said. “Because of family planning, we have been able to take care for our two children and send them both to school.”

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The Last Taboo  

An environmental correspondent for Mother Jones explores challenges of population growth and growing consumption in India.

Sono New

Let’s Unite   

Sono Aibe talks about the wisdom and vision of integrated programs that serve the people of Tanzania and beyond.

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Data shows when children are healthier and families are smaller, nations find a more sustainable population trajectory.