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This Earth Day, We’re Celebrating Holistic Thinkers and Doers    

Happy Earth Day! We have a lot to celebrate this year. From northwest India to Madagascar’s coastal villages, social entrepreneurs around the world are bringing sharp, new approaches to the most intractable problems—and women are at the center of many of these solutions.

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Watch this Award-Winning Video about the HoPE Program in Lake Victoria Basin   

The HoPE-LVB project reduces threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while simultaneously increasing access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health to improve maternal and child health in project communities. The project will develop and test two scalable models for building capacity and promoting an integrated set of Population, Health, and Environment interventions, which will be adopted by communities, local governments, or national governments.


Women as Climate Resilience Superheroes   

Who runs the world? Well, everyone knows Beyonce has already answered that question. And when it comes to climate change, women are integral. Despite evolving gender roles, women remain the chief domestic managers in a majority of homes. This means that when climate disruption strikes, women are situated squarely on the front lines, protecting our… Read more »


Going the Last Mile to Provide Family Planning in Lao PDR  

“When family planning was introduced to the country, in the late 1980s, it was only available in the capital, Vientiane. Most people were not aware such services even existed. ‘At first we focused only on married couples to provide them with contraceptives to space pregnancies,’ said Kopkeo Souphantong, deputy director of the health ministry’s mother and child… Read more »


Interview with Chantal Inamahoro, Representative of Burundi at Pathfinder International  

Recently WATC sat down with Chantal Inamahoro, Country Representative for Burundi at Pathfinder International, to speak about reproductive health and family planning in her country. Chantal has been with Pathfinder for 5 years, implementing projects around maternal and child health in two different provinces of Burundi. Here is a summary of our interview with Chantal:… Read more »


Why Women are Key to Addressing Climate Change, Hunger, Health, and Development  

Policymakers typically address issues like climate, food security, development, and reproductive health separately. But that is not how those issues are experienced by women in developing countries. “At the ground level, these issues overlap 100 percent,” said Dr. Yetnayet Asfaw of EngenderHealth during a recent dialogue on global health and development held at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings’ Civil Society Policy Forum. At the event,… Read more »


The Holistic Work of The Madagascar PHE Network: The Future of Community Development Looks Like This.  

  Last week the Madagascar Population Health Environment Network launched a report on the powerful integrated community development work they’ve done for the past 25 years. PHE is a multifaceted approach to sustainable development, combining health education and services with natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. When these programs are integrated, parents are better empowered… Read more »

Local village fisherman work to catch enough fish to make a living to sell to the local market in the village of Katumbi on Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. The Nature Conservancy is launching a large-scale effort in the Greater Mahale Ecosystem, with Pathfin

Milestone for Community in Tanzania  

In June we featured a story about the communities of Lake Tanganika in Tanzania and the Tuungane Project, which brings together human rights, environmental restoration and human health into one wholesome and inspiring project. Today we celebrate a major development and landmark for the Tuungane Project. Last week, it was announced that “the Tanzanian villages… Read more »

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A Tale of Two Panels  

How challenging will it be to feed the world’s population in 2050? Depends on how many people there are in 2050. And that number depends on a lot of things – not least of which is how many women are empowered to choose their family size with the help of modern contraception.