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What We’re Reading: New Study Misses the Point on Family Planning   

By PAI’s Danielle Zielinski, Senior Communications Officer   Last week, there was a flurry of media attention around a new study out of Australia that claimed the world’s growing population is just going to keep on growing, destroying the planet, and there’s nothing we can do about it. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog was one of… Read more »

Condoms Fight Climate Change, but Nobody Wants to Talk About It   

“Achieving universal access to family planning throughout the world would result in fewer unintended pregnancies, improve the health and well-being of women and their families and slow population growth, all benefits to climate compatible development.” Read more here .


If Buying Condoms Were Like Buying Birth Control  

What if buying condoms were as difficult as obtaining most other birth control methods? That’s the scenario depicted in this parody video from BuzzFeed, where a young man encounters the same obstacles typically faced by young women who need a prescription for birth control methods such as the pill. There’s the awkward talk with parents…. Read more »


The Holistic Work of The Madagascar PHE Network: The Future of Community Development Looks Like This.  

  Last week the Madagascar Population Health Environment Network launched a report on the powerful integrated community development work they’ve done for the past 25 years. PHE is a multifaceted approach to sustainable development, combining health education and services with natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. When these programs are integrated, parents are better empowered… Read more »

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It’s International Rural Women’s Day!

Check out this video on why the role of women in rural communities is a force to drive progress in global development — especially in the new post-2015 agenda.


Access to Birth Control Helps Women Succeed  

  We are really loving how this info-graphic from PAI shows the ways women succeed when they have access to birth control! “Allowing women to have children when (or if!) they want to leads to better education, more job opportunities, and economic security. In fact, studies have shown entire countries’ economies benefit when women have… Read more »