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50 State Report Card on Reproductive Rights  

While most Americans are aware of the national political debate over birth control and abortion, many are uninformed about the status of reproductive health and rights in their own state. In the interest of an informed public debate, the Population Institute released it’s 2015 50 State Report Card on Reproductive Health and Rights that gives… Read more »


How Family Planning Could Help Slow Climate Change  

Niger is acutely vulnerable to climate change. It’s a large country, about twice the size of Texas, but only about 13 percent of the country is suitable for agriculture, and even that land is dry for much of the year. Much of the country is part of the Sahara Desert. Families are having a harder time each year eking out enough food from this parched land, and it’s difficult to provide enough pasture and water for their livestock, too.

Let’s Get it Right With Black Women and Emergency Contraception  

A recent study analyzing media coverage of emergency contraception (EC), also known as the morning-after pill, concluded that the politics of EC overshadowed critical public health information in news articles. The dearth of public health information about EC is especially important for Black women, who are at greater risk of unintended pregnancy and for whom certain types of EC may be less effective.