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Women of Color Speak Out aim to change the color of climate justice  

“A lot of the mainstream groups don’t always realize it,” climate justice activist Sarra Tekola says on the phone. “They don’t really connect that it is the same people who were colonized before that are now dying in the destructive behavior that is destroying the earth. And it is the former colonizer nations that are responsible… Read more »


What it’s like to be on your period and in a disaster zone   

Getting your period can be irritating at the best of times, but for women in Nepal dealing with the aftermath of April’s earthquake, it’s much worse. Many of them have lost everything, including their sanitary pads and because so many houses have been damaged, privacy is hard to come by. Saya Nagarkoti, a 20-year-old student, says the… Read more »


One month after Nepal’s quake, needs of women, girls still enormous   

More than a month has passed since homes and lives were shattered by Nepal’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The disaster triggered landslides and violent aftershocks that have pushed families out of their houses in the weeks ahead of monsoon season. Yet even after the crisis garnered international attention, over a million women and girls remain in need of essential reproductive health care.