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Powerful and Creative Initiatives that Empower African Girls and Women  

  Solving Africa’s population crisis is among the continents top priorities. The population in Africa is projected to jump from 1.1 billion today, to 2.4 billion by 2050. Furthermore, “of the 22 countries in the world with the highest fertility rates–where women have five or more children on average–all but 2 are in sub-Saharan Africa” (McManus). These… Read more »


Why Women are Key to Addressing Climate Change, Hunger, Health, and Development  

Policymakers typically address issues like climate, food security, development, and reproductive health separately. But that is not how those issues are experienced by women in developing countries. “At the ground level, these issues overlap 100 percent,” said Dr. Yetnayet Asfaw of EngenderHealth during a recent dialogue on global health and development held at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings’ Civil Society Policy Forum. At the event,… Read more »

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Joyce Banda Rocks  

We love this recent graphic from Devex so much we just HAD to share it with everyone! Joyce Banda, former President of Malawi, is an incredibly inspiring leader and champion for women’s reproductive health and rights, and a member of Aspen Institute’s Global Leaders’ Council for Reproductive Health . This quote from her, shared through… Read more »

Condoms Fight Climate Change, but Nobody Wants to Talk About It   

“Achieving universal access to family planning throughout the world would result in fewer unintended pregnancies, improve the health and well-being of women and their families and slow population growth, all benefits to climate compatible development.” Read more here .


The Holistic Work of The Madagascar PHE Network: The Future of Community Development Looks Like This.  

  Last week the Madagascar Population Health Environment Network launched a report on the powerful integrated community development work they’ve done for the past 25 years. PHE is a multifaceted approach to sustainable development, combining health education and services with natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. When these programs are integrated, parents are better empowered… Read more »

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It’s International Rural Women’s Day!

Check out this video on why the role of women in rural communities is a force to drive progress in global development — especially in the new post-2015 agenda.