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“In Their Own Words” a Marie Stopes Film Series  

Powerful and authentic short films by Marie Stopes International-US with the support of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. These narratives capture women’s experiences with reproductive health in their own words, and demonstrate the incredible work being done by determined individuals on the ground in Cambodia and Tanzania.


Faith Leaders and Family Planning   

Today is International Human Rights day. On this occasion of honoring the human rights of people all over the world, we’re launching a beautiful visual story profiling sub-Saharan Christian faith leaders who champion family planning. These men of God are leading the charge for women’s and men’s access to the fundamental right of family planning tools.


Youngster Uses Technology to Fight Teen Pregnancy in Honduran Village  

Four years ago, Cinthia Padilla, who is now 16, learned how to use a computer in order to teach children, adolescents and adults in this isolated fishing village in northern Honduras how to use technology to better their lives. Now she is using her expertise in an online e-learning platform aimed at reducing teen pregnancies in… Read more »

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Universal Access Project’s Voices from Haiti: Tales of Reproductive Health  

Universal Access Project’s Voices from Haiti: Tales of Reproductive Health shares first person stories told by women in Haiti. Paired with beautiful photographs of women who live predominately in villages outside of Port-Au-Prince, the stories add another dimension to our understanding of the need for family planning. Although they have endured a lot and their… Read more »


Vice News: How Climate Change Impacts Women the Most  

The United Nations will finalize in September its Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to eliminate poverty while reducing humanity’s environmental discussion, including lessening the harmful effects of climate change. And some advocates are working to spread the message that climate change impacts men and women differently — and the UN goals need to reflect this sometimes grim reality.


doctHERS: empowering women doctors & brining healthcare to Pakistani communities  

Often when we talk about Reproductive Health and Rights we are, for the most part, focusing on women who cannot access reproductive or sexual health services. We don’t always think about barriers providers around the world face. This month, WATC attended Boulder’s own Unreasonable Institute Launchpad where we learned about doctHERS, an innovative project based… Read more »


RECAP: Engaging Decisionmakers on Family Planning in the Post-2015 World  

On July 15, the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) celebrated its IDEA—Informing Decision-makers to Act—Project’s first five years with a panel at the Wilson Center where key players in the project shared their successes and lessons learned with the family planning community. Here are some highlights from their talk:   Three drivers of change to create… Read more »