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Marking Fifty Years: USAID’s Role More Important than Ever  

USAID began its family planning programming 50 years ago. Recently, the current director of the Office of Population and Reproductive Health, Ellen Starbird, and five former directors convened to discuss they collectively achieved over five decades. The panel was an impressive showcase of wits, smarts, and experience.

Let’s Get it Right With Black Women and Emergency Contraception  

A recent study analyzing media coverage of emergency contraception (EC), also known as the morning-after pill, concluded that the politics of EC overshadowed critical public health information in news articles. The dearth of public health information about EC is especially important for Black women, who are at greater risk of unintended pregnancy and for whom certain types of EC may be less effective.


7 Reasons Why You Should Be Able To Get Birth Control Pills Without An Rx  

Imagine being able to buy birth control pills without having to schedule an appointment, take time out of your day to see a doctor, and then take the prescription to be filled by a pharmacist. What if you could just walk into a store and buy some? This reality is closer than you may think.


Putting an End to the Global Gag Rule Rollercoaster  

Since the 1980s, the policy has come and gone depending on who occupied the White House. This has meant a rocky road for women and their families who depend on reproductive health care services worldwide. Last week, Congress made a big misstep.


Engaging Men in Family Planning Decision-Making  

There is a growing volume of literature on the role of men in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child healthcare (RMNCH) decision-making and the efforts to harness their involvement to improve RMNCH outcomes, both in Kenya and across the globe. Men are viewed as gatekeepers, decision-makers, and financial leads within their family so when measures are taken to ensure their… Read more »

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It’s Not a Numbers Problem

Give our species some credit: We’ve learned a lot in the half-century since Paul Ehrlich warned that overpopulation would spell our doom. Start with the term “overpopulation.” It implies that there are too many people in relation to the planet’s resources, a concept that has fallen out of favor. We now know that resources are… Read more »


‘Griswold’ at 50: Contraception Is Legal, But Still Not Universally Accessible  

Fifty years ago, birth control was illegal and there was no constitutional right to privacy. Yes, in my lifetime, just 50 years ago. It was available to many (with the usual caveats that the recipient had resources, lived in a place where it could be obtained discreetly, and so on)—but it was still illegal.


5 Ways Birth Control Has Changed America  

Most people instinctively understand the sheer awesomeness that is being able to have sex without fear of pregnancy, which is why more than 99 percent of sexually active women have used contraception. So the value of birth control should be a settled question, right? But in recent years we’ve seen a surge in political and legal… Read more »