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caring for women and children everywhere thumbnail

Caring for women and children everywhere  

An ambassador for the United Methodist Church’s Healthy Families, Healthy Planet program writes about how meeting the need for contraception would decrease maternal and infant mortality rates, and how healthier women means a healthier world.

my implant is my badge of honor thumbnail

My implant is my badge of honor  

Pathfinder International tells the story of Dorothy, a Ugandan woman whose life was dramatically improved when she learned more about, and got access to, family planning services.

Dollars and sense the case for contraception thumbnail

Dollars and sense: The case for contraception  

Animated video by Population Action International demonstrating how investments in international family planning pay dividends in areas such as education, healthcare, water and sanitation.


Adding it up 2012: Costs and benefits of contraceptive services  

Report (PDF) by the Guttmacher Institute and the UN Population Fund documenting the number of women globally with unmet need for family planning (222 million), the estimated costs of meeting that need, and the multiple benefits that would result.