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Family planning and the burden of unintended pregnancies  

A review of family planning’s efficacy in preventing unintended pregnancies and associated health benefits, including prevention of mother-child transmission of HIV, lower infant mortality risk, reduction in the number of abortions, and lower maternal mortality and maternal morbidity.

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The population challenge up close and personal  

A profile of intrepid Ethiopian health workers facing the unmet need for family planning in their communities, this piece is up close and personal with women and men who are making decisions about the size of their own families, and helping others do the same. Complete with beautiful pictures.

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Family planning through a global lens  

Jenny Eaton Dyer of Hope Through Healing Hands shows that giving women what they already want – access to family planning services – can be a matter of life and death in the developing world.

what is good for women is good for the planet kavita ramdas

What’s good for women is good for the planet  

Drawing upon two scientific studies, Kavita Ramdas of the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health offers a personal account on the importance of access to family planning services for women’s and children’s health, and the benefits for the environment.

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Family planning is the missing investment  

Document (PDF) from the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health demonstrating how investments in family planning saves money in other development areas and results in environmental benefits.