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Adding It Up Is Back!  

Guttmacher Institute’s gold-standard research on the need for sexual and reproductive health services and commodities has been updated, and it’s a key resource for all those advocating for the needs of the over 225 million women (conservatively) worldwide who want, but don’t have access to, modern contraception. It’s also an excellent resource on the cost-benefit analysis of providing family planning for all who want it. Spoiler alert: it’s a ridiculously good deal. As you might have guessed.

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Reaching New Heights: The Case for Measuring Women’s Empowerment  

In the, fabulous-things-you-might-have-missed category, we came across this stunning report from CARE on one of the most successful efforts the world has seen at reducing child malnutrition. Published in 2012, the astounding results of a Bangladeshi program named SHOUHARDO are a testament to the effectiveness of smart foreign aid and underscore why greater gender equality… Read more »


Powerful and Creative Initiatives that Empower African Girls and Women  

  Solving Africa’s population crisis is among the continents top priorities. The population in Africa is projected to jump from 1.1 billion today, to 2.4 billion by 2050. Furthermore, “of the 22 countries in the world with the highest fertility rates–where women have five or more children on average–all but 2 are in sub-Saharan Africa” (McManus). These… Read more »


Three Keys to a Sustainable World  

Last week Melinda Gates tweeted this awesome info-graphic which links together basic health, women’s empowerment and access to birth control. We believe these three things create a very effective package for sustainable development. Not only is it cheap to distribute birth control,vaccines and empower women but the results of doing so are long lasting and… Read more »


World Contraception Day 2014  

In honor of World Contraception Day (WCD), we wanted to call out some of the great work, and troubling news, that’s hitting the family planning world today. WCD’s mission is to improve awareness of contraceptive methods so that all people have the information they need to make sound decisions about their sexual and reproductive health…. Read more »

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Universal access to reproductive health care: A global obligation and opportunity  

Eleanor Roosevelt once said universal human rights begin in the small places close to home — and there’s no area closer to home than a person’s sexual and reproductive health.Right now, over 222 million girls and women around the world have an unmet need for modern contraception. As long as any girl or woman is denied quality reproductive health services and information, our work securing human rights remains incomplete.

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Kindling family planning change in urban slums  

A profile of UHI’s innovative family planning programs for poor urban residents in India. Part of a four part series leading up to World Contraception Day this Friday, September 26.


Congresswoman Karen Bass Rocks  

On September 5, Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA) joined the United Nations Foundation in Los Angeles for an event highlighting the importance of international family planning & reproductive health. First of all – that is very cool – it is great to hear the voices of women Congressional leaders, especially those who represent many communities of… Read more »