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Watch this Award-Winning Video about the HoPE Program in Lake Victoria Basin   

The HoPE-LVB project reduces threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while simultaneously increasing access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health to improve maternal and child health in project communities. The project will develop and test two scalable models for building capacity and promoting an integrated set of Population, Health, and Environment interventions, which will be adopted by communities, local governments, or national governments.


International Women’s Day 2015!!!  

So many amazing events happened this weekend in honor of International Women’s Day and we are so grateful to see the courage and the support that people have for protecting Women’s rights. While some events were non-violent there were others where Women were arrested and their right’s ignored yet again. WATC wants to recognize all those… Read more »


Going the Last Mile to Provide Family Planning in Lao PDR  

“When family planning was introduced to the country, in the late 1980s, it was only available in the capital, Vientiane. Most people were not aware such services even existed. ‘At first we focused only on married couples to provide them with contraceptives to space pregnancies,’ said Kopkeo Souphantong, deputy director of the health ministry’s mother and child… Read more »


Journey For Our Existence; A Movement For Justice and Protection of Native Women   

All over North America, Indigenous women are rising. Marching, organizing and coming up with incredibly brave and creative actions on behalf of the earth, , our ancestors’ legacy and on behalf of future generations. From Minnesota, where Winona LaDuke is organizing to stop the Sandpiper Pipeline that threatens the rice beds and lakes in Minnesota,… Read more »


What Does the Bible Say About Family Planning?

“God has given human beings the power and command for increasing our number in the world. However, it does not imply that God intended for this to be done without considering the need for food, space and education…. Preparing to receive the gift of children and give them what they need is a loving and… Read more »


In Uganda’s Lake Victoria Basin, HoPE is alive   

I want you to first understand that people don’t lead their lives in silos. You see, the drivers of extreme poverty—like poor health, food insecurity or gender inequality—are undeniably interconnected. A person is not just affected by one, but a combination: one’s livelihood may depend on cutting down trees. Cut down too many trees, and the resulting environmental degradation jeopardizes that livelihood, which affects the family’s health and food security. It’s all connected.