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Check Out This Global Coding Sisterhood  

Women and girls often lack the information and resources they need to stay safe and healthy. This problem is global in reach, and epidemic in scale. Fortunately, some smart solutions may be right at our fingertips.


Does Getting Pregnant Cause Girls to Drop Out of School?  

Does pregnancy really cause girls to drop out of school? Globally, “schoolgirl pregnancy” is cited as one of the primary barriers to girls’ education. But the story may not be as simple as it seems.

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A Coming-Out Party for Repro Rights  

Since the landmark Griswold v. Connecticut ruling 50 years ago, has the issue of reproductive rights gone back in the closet, even as gay rights has come out of it?


Native American Women Still Getting Short Shrift on Emergency Contraception  

Nearly two years ago, a federal court ordered the FDA to make Plan B emergency contraception an over-the-counter drug. That means it is now available in pharmacies across the country to women of any age without a prescription, just like any other over-the-counter drug. So why, then, are Native American women still unable to get it at pharmacies run by the government?

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Watch this Award-Winning Video about the HoPE Program in Lake Victoria Basin   

The HoPE-LVB project reduces threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while simultaneously increasing access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health to improve maternal and child health in project communities. The project will develop and test two scalable models for building capacity and promoting an integrated set of Population, Health, and Environment interventions, which will be adopted by communities, local governments, or national governments.

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Struggling with Poverty, then Pregnancy  

  We already know that lack of access to reproductive care for low-income women has serious consequences. A newly released Brookings study shines light on the harsh realities. Just the Salon headline alone stopped us in our tracks: “Study: Poor Women Have 5 Times More Unplanned Births Than More Affluent Women.” The report revealed that… Read more »