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A Seattle high school is taking birth control access to the next level  

This story is a dream come true for WATC! Chief Sealth International, a public high school has partnered with Neighborcare Health, which runs nonprofit medical and dental clinics in Seattle for low-income and uninsured families, and Take Charge, a Washington State Medicaid program that’s specifically targeted toward minors seeking contraceptive services, to create an in-school clinic that… Read more »


Surprise — teens are having sex. How can we make it safer?  

  “For teens in America seeking the best birth control and solid sex ed, zip code matters more than it should. City girls and country gals can have very different experiences around reproductive rights and health. To find out just how different, we visited two clinics in Washington state — one in the most urban… Read more »


Remembering Valerie DeFillipo, a Champion for Women Worldwide  

We would like to extend our condolences to the family of Valerie DeFillipo, who passed away on Apr. 16. Valerie founded Family Planning 2020 (FP2020), hosted by the UN Foundation, and served as its executive director for nearly two years before stepping down in February


Putting Human Rights at the Heart of Reproductive Health  

Health leaders from around the world convened at United Nations Headquarters, in New York, to highlight the need to ensure human rights are integrated into sexual and reproductive health care, including family planning. This means making sure care is non-discriminatory and aligned to the needs and desires of the community.

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This Earth Day, We’re Celebrating Holistic Thinkers and Doers    

Happy Earth Day! We have a lot to celebrate this year. From northwest India to Madagascar’s coastal villages, social entrepreneurs around the world are bringing sharp, new approaches to the most intractable problems—and women are at the center of many of these solutions.

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Purvi Patel and Why Care Trumps Criminalization  

In Indiana, a woman named Purvi Patel is now headed to prison for 20 years as a result of a so-called “feticide” law, a consequence that has many reproductive health advocates crying foul.


How to Save Oceans with Contraceptives: A Radical Approach    

In Velondriake, a remote fishing community in southwestern Madagascar, a quiet revolution is under way that takes marine conservation beyond saving the environment to improving economic opportunities and offering health services.


A No-Brainer in Colorado: Funding for Birth Control  

If I were to tell you that there was a program that helped women get the most effective forms of birth control and had reduced the teen birth rate by nearly 40% in four years, you’d probably say, “This is amazing, tell me more.”