Pics of contraceptive methods, people demonstrating methods, etc.


Connecting the Dots Through Telling Our Stories  

Last week, Women at the Center headed to Austin, TX for SXSWEco, “a space for business leaders, investors, innovators and designers to advance solutions that drive economic, environmental, and social change.” While we were there, we had the awesome opportunity to join and lead discussions about women’s empowerment and sustainability, and screen our new film “I love My IUD.”


Bill Nye The Science Guy Defends Women’s Reproductive Rights  

“Bill Nye, the infamous “Science Guy” has released a new video on Tuesday, Sept. 22. The video, which was published under Big Think, defends women’s reproductive rights and how they should be given the absolute free will to do what they want with their bodies. Nye started off by discussing the claims of activists against… Read more »


The Pope and the Pill: Why Berkeley Health Professor Sees Visit as a Missed Moment  

“As Pope Francis ended his widely hailed U.S. visit yesterday and flew home, he left behind at least one disappointed American: UC Berkeley professor of public health Malcolm Potts. Once again the Pope ignored the urging of family planning advocates such as Potts, who has repeatedly—and most recently in a letter to the editor of The New York Times—called… Read more »


Family Planning For Girls: The Get-It-Right Checklist  

“In summer 2012, donors, policy makers and implementing partners gathered at the London Summit on Family Planning. The outcome was FP2020 – a political and financial commitment to provide 120 million underserved girls and women with the opportunity to freely, reliably and safely use modern contraception by 2020. It was an ambitious goal. This checklist… Read more »


The Economic Case for Funding Planned Parenthood  

Family-planning programs boost incomes, reduce poverty, and ease the load on America’s safety net. And yet, Republicans can’t seem to condemn them strongly enough.

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Universal Access Project’s Voices from Haiti: Tales of Reproductive Health  

Universal Access Project’s Voices from Haiti: Tales of Reproductive Health shares first person stories told by women in Haiti. Paired with beautiful photographs of women who live predominately in villages outside of Port-Au-Prince, the stories add another dimension to our understanding of the need for family planning. Although they have endured a lot and their… Read more »


Affordable Care Act in Action: IUDs Become More Affordable  

IUDs are small, T-shaped devices that are inserted into the uterus by a health-care professional and work by blocking sperm from moving through the uterus toward the egg. Once inserted they stay in place for between three and ten years, though a woman can have her IUD removed sooner if she dislikes it for any… Read more »


New partnership brings vital health services to isolated fishing settlements in the Barren Isles archipelago  

I’m standing in the middle of Nosy Lava, the southernmost outpost of a constellation of tiny islands off Madagascar’s west coast. Despite their desolate-sounding name, the Barren Isles sit among one of the few remaining strongholds of thriving marine biodiversity in the western Indian Ocean. To my left, there’s a camp of “Vezo Vahiny” migrants… Read more »