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Vessel: Past Land, Past Law, Past Permission  

This month the powerful documentary “Vessel” opened in New York City and was released on iTunes and Vimeo. This film is a huge inspiration for women rights activists and we are so excited to spread the word! Vessel tells the story of Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who as a young doctor was horrified by the realities… Read more »


Watch me get an IUD — FOR THE PLANET!   

Eve Andrews, Grist’s Living Editor, decides to get an IUD and shares her experience with us to alleviate our fears and anxieties around LARCs (long acting reversible contraception).

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How to Defuse the Population Bomb? Stop over analyzing Family Planning!  

Last month Newsweek published an almost totally-awesome article about population, environment, and family planning, “How to Defuse the Population Bomb”. In the first few pages family planning is talked about in such a positive light, in fact, the writers even say it is one of, if not, the solution to the problems we face: population,… Read more »


Access to Birth Control Helps Women Succeed  

  We are really loving how this info-graphic from PAI shows the ways women succeed when they have access to birth control! “Allowing women to have children when (or if!) they want to leads to better education, more job opportunities, and economic security. In fact, studies have shown entire countries’ economies benefit when women have… Read more »

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The Reality of Unmet Need for Contraception  

  We often hear (and we often say!) that “220 million women worldwide have an unmet need for family planning.” It’s a hugely important statement and a huge number of people – but we when take a closer look at the data, it turns out that 220 million is very likely a major understatement. Here’s why:… Read more »


World Contraception Day 2014  

In honor of World Contraception Day (WCD), we wanted to call out some of the great work, and troubling news, that’s hitting the family planning world today. WCD’s mission is to improve awareness of contraceptive methods so that all people have the information they need to make sound decisions about their sexual and reproductive health…. Read more »

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Reproductive Health Services Need To Be Youth Friendly  

We came across a great piece on a neglected issue today: “Underage: Addressing Reproductive Health and HIV Needs in Married Adolescent Girls.”, Over 70 million girls under 18 are married in the developing world; 16 million of those girls will have given birth by the end of the year. In addition, of the two million… Read more »



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