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Climate Change

As the climate changes, extreme weather hits women and children the hardest. Access to reproductive healthcare is a key to building resilient families and communities.

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Want to help fight climate change? Start with reproductive rights

“We cannot simultaneously champion fighting climate change without also fighting for the rights of women. The two are inextricably linked; they stand hand in hand. It’s about time we all stood up with them.” That’s the bottom line of a smart new post in The Guardian by blogger Madeleine Somerville. Somerville connects the dots between… Read more »


Weather forecasters predict better services for women

Meteorologists from around the world are meeting with women’s rights activists and aid workers in Geneva to develop climate and weather services geared specifically to women.

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The obvious relationship between climate and family planning — and why we don’t talk about it

Recently, Robert Engelman and Samuel Codjoe published an article at Grist titled, “Hey, UN: Climate Change and Population are related.” They pointed out the fact that the United Nations would soon be hosting back-to-back conferences about population and climate change respectively, and they lamented that neither conference would likely address the concerns of the other. “That will be a missed opportunity,” they said, “because scientific research increasingly affirms that the two issues are linked in many ways.” Engelman and Codjoe are not the only ones asking for a more open conversation about the relationship between family planning, population, and climate change.



Michael Brune and Suzanne Ehlers

Suzanne Ehlers & Michael Brune

Population Action International (PAI) & Sierra Club

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Frances Beinecke

President, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

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Andrew C. Revkin

Writer, New York Times