Priya Shakti: a multimedia project that is bringing awareness to rape culture and gender based violence in India and around the world.

In 2012 a 23-year-old girl was gang-raped and murdered on a moving bus in Delhi, India. This tragic and horrifying event made India erupt in outrage. People protested and demanded that the government introduce tougher anti-rape laws and more severe punishment for sex crimes. This powerful anti-rape and anti-violence movement inspired Ram Devineni, an Indian-American filmmaker, to create the comic book, “Priya’s Shakti.” Priya is a rape survivor and the heroine of the comic. With the help of Goddess Parvati, the goddess of love, fertility and devotion, Priya fights gender-based sexual violence around the world. We absolutely love how Devineni is using his art and voice to empower women and bring awareness. In an interview with BBC News Devineni says, “I spoke to some gang-rape survivors and they said they were discouraged by their families and communities to seek justice, they were also threatened by the rapists and their families. Even the police didn’t take them seriously.” In India one rape is reported every 16 minutes, that means almost 100 rapes a day.