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In Praise of Where We Overlap  

These days, some lament that the reproductive justice movement is faltering in the U.S. in particular. Recently, we have been pleased to see fresh evidence that advocates of various stripes are linking arms in a way that acknowledges the strong intersections between family planning and so many other movements. Two stories that dominated the news cycle this week provide fantastic examples.


Community Gathers in Denver to Celebrate LARC4CO and Repro-Rights  

“This is about the power of women”, said Colorado State Representative Faith Winters, at the panel discussion and film screening of “I Love My IUD”. What Rep. Winters was referring to is access to voluntary contraception and the revolutionary Colorado Family Planning Initiative (CFPI) that made long acting reversible contraceptives, aka LARCs, free for women and girls… Read more »


Youngster Uses Technology to Fight Teen Pregnancy in Honduran Village  

Four years ago, Cinthia Padilla, who is now 16, learned how to use a computer in order to teach children, adolescents and adults in this isolated fishing village in northern Honduras how to use technology to better their lives. Now she is using her expertise in an online e-learning platform aimed at reducing teen pregnancies in… Read more »


Connecting the Dots Through Telling Our Stories  

Last week, Women at the Center headed to Austin, TX for SXSWEco, “a space for business leaders, investors, innovators and designers to advance solutions that drive economic, environmental, and social change.” While we were there, we had the awesome opportunity to join and lead discussions about women’s empowerment and sustainability, and screen our new film “I love My IUD.”


SXSW Eco Returns!   

… And Women at the Center is here, doing what we do best: connecting the dots between reproductive rights and sustainability and breaking down silos and stigma around sex talk and sex technology. Today, October 6th, we’ll be speaking in the United Nations Fountain’s Social Good Hub about storytelling, women, girls, reproductive rights, and sustainability. Follow… Read more »


Bill Nye The Science Guy Defends Women’s Reproductive Rights  

“Bill Nye, the infamous “Science Guy” has released a new video on Tuesday, Sept. 22. The video, which was published under Big Think, defends women’s reproductive rights and how they should be given the absolute free will to do what they want with their bodies. Nye started off by discussing the claims of activists against… Read more »


The Pope and the Pill: Why Berkeley Health Professor Sees Visit as a Missed Moment  

“As Pope Francis ended his widely hailed U.S. visit yesterday and flew home, he left behind at least one disappointed American: UC Berkeley professor of public health Malcolm Potts. Once again the Pope ignored the urging of family planning advocates such as Potts, who has repeatedly—and most recently in a letter to the editor of The New York Times—called… Read more »


Family Planning For Girls: The Get-It-Right Checklist  

“In summer 2012, donors, policy makers and implementing partners gathered at the London Summit on Family Planning. The outcome was FP2020 – a political and financial commitment to provide 120 million underserved girls and women with the opportunity to freely, reliably and safely use modern contraception by 2020. It was an ambitious goal. This checklist… Read more »