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Can you say irony?   

It’s a shame organic food giant Eden Foods has failed to recognize the strong connections between access to modern contraception and a more sustainable world. Too bad – access to family planning services is not only vitally important for the health of women and girls, but also for the health of the human and natural communities. So… Read more »


It begins with the rights of one  

Sexual and reproductive health and rights matter to everyone. That’s the message in a new infographic created by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) that illustrates how empowering women and girls with the right to determine their our reproductive futures leads to better education for women, and more prosperous societies. Here at Women at the Center, we agree…. Read more »

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Why the Hobby Lobby decision is bad for everyone    

Last week, five members of the Supreme Court (none of them women) decided the religious beliefs of certain corporations outweigh a woman’s right to birth control coverage.



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Women and the planet: What works  

Tips for creating and promoting a messaging frame that allows for productive discussion of linkages between family planning and environmental issues.

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New Audiences, New Connections   

Roger-Mark De Souza of the Woodrow Wilson Center talks new audiences, new connections, and the intuitive sense of connecting the dots between women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability and community well-being.

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Let’s Unite   

Sono Aibe talks about the wisdom and vision of integrated programs that serve the people of Tanzania and beyond.