On World Environment Day, Here’s Some Good News

Today is World Environment Day, and we’re sure you’ve found a way to celebrate.

Here are two promising tidbits we’re tracking today:

Integrated Family Planning Enjoys a Surge: A new report from The Evidence Project shows that integrated family planning is not only on the rise, but reaching some of the world’s more remote areas. And these programs don’t just target women—men are also getting involved. These trends are incredibly promising.

Veterinarian Helps Fight Ebola: Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is among many on the cutting edge of fighting disease through advancing conservation. Kalema-Zikusoka spent her career as a wildlife veterinarian in Uganda and soon realized that deforestation was driving up the transmission of Ebola. In the May issue of OurPlanet, she writes: “To address the causes of Ebola, there should be an end to wildlife meat consumption and deforestation, particularly through commercial concessions for oil palm and timber.” In 2003, she founded an NGO called Conservation through Public Health to address this critical nexus between disease and biodiversity conservation.

Happy World Environment Day!