On Father’s Day, men find a voice on reproductive rights

This Father’s Day, many dads will expect a gift and a card, or maybe a backyard barbecue–but few will probably discuss family planning at the dinner table. What will it take for men to play an active role in family planning and help women make affirming decisions for themselves and their community? This Father’s Day, we interviewed three men who are leaders in the field to hear their perspectives on the role of men in family planning and reproductive health.

A preview of what they had to say:

  • Republican state lawmaker Don Coram has gone against the grain to advocate for family planning because it makes good financial sense and helps Colorado families
  • Dr. Larry Wolk of the Colorado Department of Public Health envisions a world where reproductive healthcare is as routine for providers and patients as immunizations
  • Roger-Mark DeSouza of the Wilson Center says men want to be more involved in family planning, but “macho” culture stands in the way

Read the three interviews to learn more about their stories. Happy Father’s Day!