Lady Parts Justice: Saving the World With a Little LOL

In a time when truth is stranger than fiction—and the actual presidential election is stranger than House of Cards—humor is our salvation. If we didn’t find time to laugh at some of the messed up, nefarious efforts underway to limit reproductive freedom, we’d probably be in shambles.

Enter Lady Parts Justice, an organization founded by Lizz Winstead, one of the clever minds that brought us the Daily Show. Load up their website—I dare you. Immediately, you’ll find yourself staring at Eunice, a morose, uterus-shaped puppet wandering through a barren desert. What better way to bring to life the tragic tale of a 1,200-mile area of the country, stretching from Idaho to the Dakotas, where women struggle to access reproductive care?

Navigate over to their Instagram and you’ll meet Idaho State Rep. Vito Barbieri, who famously made a facepalm-inducing statement indicating he thinks women can swallow a camera for doctors to view their uterus. You may have spotted Barbieri on Hinder, Winstead’s hilarious app, a spin on popular dating app Tinder that helps you meet the politicians who are busy chipping away at reproductive rights–and swipe left. Or hit LPJ’s Facebook and Twitter and you’ll see the latest news in contraceptive access coupled with efforts to encourage young women to get out to the polls and vote out anti-choice lawmakers.

Lady Parts Justice makes us swoon because they use visual storytelling and a light-hearted approach (not to mention some proudly NSFW language) to make sexual health and repro rights policy more accessible to youth and others who are facing the burden of strained access. At the heart of this is their deep commitment to being intersectional.

Who says we can’t have fun while we save the world?