4 Reasons Why Religious Leaders Should Support Family Planning

When it comes to family planning, religion can play a crucial role particularly in countries with a state religion. Christian Connections for International Health and the Churches Health Association of Zambia recently teamed up to make a series of videos featuring Zambian religious leaders explaining why they support family planning.


Family Planning Helps Families Be Self Sufficient

“Family planning is a tool for families to be healthy. Each child needs time with the parents to be healthy emotionally, spiritually and economically,” according to a Zambian religious leader.


Why Religious Leaders Must be Involved in Family Planning

The Country Director of the Zambia Anglican Council Outreach Program explains how churches are present even in the most rural of areas, and therefore are a critical tool to educate communities about family planning.


Churches Should Discuss Family Planning with Youth

Without family planning, youth are uninformed on how to make good decisions about sex.


What the Bible Says on Family Planning

Zambian religious leaders believe that the Bible supports family planning.


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