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When environmental crises hit homes, women suffer the most   

While environmental changes affect everyone, due to existing gender inequalities, women often bear the bulk of the burden. In patriarchal societies, cultural, legal and political restrictions often undermine women’s adaptability and resilience to climate change. Read more of this opinion piece at IPS News Service.

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Want to help fight climate change? Start with reproductive rights  

“We cannot simultaneously champion fighting climate change without also fighting for the rights of women. The two are inextricably linked; they stand hand in hand. It’s about time we all stood up with them.” That’s the bottom line of a smart new post in The Guardian by blogger Madeleine Somerville. Somerville connects the dots between… Read more »

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A Tale of Two Panels  

How challenging will it be to feed the world’s population in 2050? Depends on how many people there are in 2050. And that number depends on a lot of things – not least of which is how many women are empowered to choose their family size with the help of modern contraception.

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Sex and sustainable development    

Where does sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) fit into a sustainable development agenda? Just about everywhere, according to a new set of briefing memos produced by the Universal Access Project (UAP), a project of the United Nations Foundation. From education to prosperity, health to gender equality and the environment, the rights of individuals… Read more »

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Learn how to advocate for reproductive health!  

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about how to advocate for reproductive health and rights, here’s your chance. The Sierra Club’s Global Population and Environment Program is offering an activist training this September, open to all ages and experience levels, that will focus on the connections between reproductive health, family planning, climate change, and sustainable development. Experts… Read more »

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Biodiversity and family planning – making the links  

Dr. Jeffrey McKee’s research on population and biodiversity was published in Human Ecology in June 2013. He joined other experts in a recent webinar to describe his research and its implications. “When it comes to addressing population growth,” Jeff said, “we need to do a better job with three pillars: education, the empowerment of women,… Read more »