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Family Planning: Balance, Harmony and Space  

“Because of family planning, my wife and all of our children are strong and healthy today and I can give them the attention and care that they need,” Innocent said. “As a pastor, my life is very busy, having to take care of others in my community. Spacing helps us to plan our lives.”


Mariam: The power to plan her family  

“Waiting to have another child gave me the time to keep focused on my business of selling rice to help support my family,” Mariam said. “Because of family planning, we have been able to take care for our two children and send them both to school.”

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Hobby Lobby may turn back clock on women’s health  

Ashley Judd says that though the full consequences of the Supreme Court ruling have yet to be unraveled, one thing is clear: It could have grave consequences for girls, women and families throughout the developing world.

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New Audiences, New Connections   

Roger-Mark De Souza of the Woodrow Wilson Center talks new audiences, new connections, and the intuitive sense of connecting the dots between women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability and community well-being.

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Let’s Unite   

Sono Aibe talks about the wisdom and vision of integrated programs that serve the people of Tanzania and beyond.


Women, Gender and Climate Resource Page  

Gender equality and women’s rights are essential to effective action on climate change mitigation and adaptation. This new resource site details the struggle to include women’s voices in international climate negotiations.