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Are women our best hope for fighting climate change?    

An inspiring and enraging piece on the First Summit on Women and Climate Change in Bali. Complete with beautiful images and powerful testimonies from indigenous women around the world. “There is no difference between fighting for women’s rights and fighting for environmental protection,” says (Mama Aleta) Baun of East Timor. “They are equal.”

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WATCH: Fathers, Husbands, Partners  

MenCare Global has produced six beautiful films on fathers, parenting and partnership. From Brazil to Rwanda to Sri Lanka, check out these storytelling gems.

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Watch: International Family Planning 101  

CARE produced this great new RSA-style short video on meeting women’s needs for family planning around the world, and how that can help communities, families and especially kids.


Connecting the Dots on International Youth Day   

August 12 marks International Youth Day, and that’s a good thing because of the some 7 billion people now inhabiting our planet, half are under the age of 25 –the largest generation of young people ever. As we speak, governments are debating what the next international development agenda will look like. We are one year out… Read more »

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Worldwatch’s Bob Engleman: Pop-Environment Links  

As global environmental change accelerates, understanding how population dynamics affect the environment is more important than ever. It seems obvious that human-caused climate change has at least something to do with the quadrupling of world population over the last 100 years. But the evidence that slower population growth is good for the environment – logical… Read more »

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Climate and Population, a New Frame?  

The New York Times has taken up the burgeoning conversation linking population growth and the threats of climate chaos. In this week’s piece, the paper takes on both the sensitivities and promise of addressing population issues. Thankfully, reporter Eduardo Porter lands right where he should: it’s all about meeting women’s needs and desires to plan… Read more »

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Healthy People, Healthy Planet   

GoJoven’s compelling take on the connections between people and the planet, through a Latin American lens.



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