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Kindling family planning change in urban slums  

A profile of UHI’s innovative family planning programs for poor urban residents in India. Part of a four part series leading up to World Contraception Day this Friday, September 26.


Congresswoman Karen Bass Rocks  

On September 5, Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA) joined the United Nations Foundation in Los Angeles for an event highlighting the importance of international family planning & reproductive health. First of all – that is very cool – it is great to hear the voices of women Congressional leaders, especially those who represent many communities of… Read more »

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Storytelling, Sustainable Development and Gender  

Reporters, editors and development leaders gathered at the UN this week for a panel on media strategies to foster sustainable development. Nosh Nalavala, Bureau Chief for MediaGlobal News, called on writers and editors to increase coverage of sustainable development, making issues of poverty, disease, hunger, and climate change a top priority, while Ambassador Guillermo Rishchynski… Read more »

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IPPF’s Awesome Selfie Campaign  

Our friends at IPPF have launched a great selfie campaign to ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights are included in the next set of global development goals. Take a look, and send them a selfie!

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NEW: Women at the Center Infographic  

A beautiful new infographic from CHANGE on why rights-based maternity care is so key to HIV and family planning. YMM.CHANGE.Info.MaternityCare._FINAL

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Should Christians Promote Contraception?  

Hundreds of thousands of women in poor countries die every year in childbirth—and millions of their babies die soon after being born. Should Christians promote contraception in these countries to reduce this pain and suffering? This Saturday on Up for Debate, host Julie Roys explores the issue with guests on both sides of the discussion. Increasingly, many evangelicals are siding with overseas family planners.

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Smart Aid for the World’s Poor  

Posting in the category of “things we never thought we’d hear from the Wall Street Journal” today, we came across this stunning piece (pdf) on effective aid strategies. Despite the very conservative editorial bent of the paper, the story rightly notes that universal access to reproductive health is among the most “phenomenal” (and we quote!)… Read more »

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Humanitarian Heroes  

Tomorrow we mark World Humanitarian Day, a commemoration of the events of the 19th August 2003, when 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. It’s a day to commemorate all the brave souls who have lost their lives in humanitarian service, and to celebrate the spirit that inspires… Read more »

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Multi-Faceted Problems, Integrated Solutions   

Women at the Center recently spoke with Lucy Shillingi, Pathfinder International’s Country Representative for Uganda. Lucy helps lead Health of People & Environment in Lake Victoria Basin, a project that aims to reduce ecosystem degradation while increasing access to family planning and reproductive health.