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“In Their Own Words” a Marie Stopes Film Series  

Powerful and authentic short films by Marie Stopes International-US with the support of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. These narratives capture women’s experiences with reproductive health in their own words, and demonstrate the incredible work being done by determined individuals on the ground in Cambodia and Tanzania.


Faith Leaders and Family Planning   

Today is International Human Rights day. On this occasion of honoring the human rights of people all over the world, we’re launching a beautiful visual story profiling sub-Saharan Christian faith leaders who champion family planning. These men of God are leading the charge for women’s and men’s access to the fundamental right of family planning tools.


Sustaining People and the Environment on Lake Victoria   

A meaty technical brief from our friends at Pathfinder International from phase one of their amazing program Health of People and Environment-Lake Victoria Basin (HoPE-LVB) project. The program aims to reduce threats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while simultaneously increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services.

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I Love My IUD!    

We’re so proud to release our first Women at the Center film today, I Love My IUD. The film tells the inspiring story of the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, which provides free long-acting reversible contraception (like IUD’s and implants) to young women who couldn’t otherwise afford them. It’s pretty common sense: when access to birth control is easier and cheaper, women are empowered to plan their families, and to become parents when the time is right. As you’ll see, this can be life changing.


I Love My IUD: Sneak Preview!    

Tomorrow we’re going to share a short film that’s also something very big. And we’re excited! IUD’s and contraceptive implants are tiny little things. Teeny tiny. But for the women of Colorado, they’re making a HUGE difference.


CO’s LARC Program Reduces Teen Abortions by 42%  

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment is seeking more funding to continue a privately funded birth control program that has, by several measures, been a startling success. The program, known as the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, provides intrauterine devices (IUDs) or implants at little to no cost for low-income women at family planning clinics in Colorado. It contributed to a 40 percent drop in Colorado’s teen birth rate and a 42 percent drop in the state’s teen abortion rate between 2009 and 2013, according to state data reported by the New York Times’s Sabrina Tavernise.


The Hillary Doctrine   

A thoughtful and nuanced review of a thoughtful and nuanced book on the truth, and inconsistencies of, Hillary Clinton’s assertion that women’s and girls’ empowerment is a lynchpin of US national security and international human rights.