Empowering Women

When women have the power to make decisions about childbearing, the ripple effect is remarkable – bringing health, prosperity, enhanced human rights and a more sustainable future.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton joins U.S. Senator Mark Udall, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, Candidate for Congress Andrew Romanoff and Governor John Hickenlooper in a get out the vote rally at the Radisson Denver Southeast in Aurora

Is Colorado the new Texas? The Next Election Could Change Colorado’s Repro-Health Rights for the Worse.  

Could Colorado be the next Texas? In a word: yes. Under a progressive state government, Colorado women have started to feel safe from such attacks on our reproductive health. But our votes in the next election will determine not only our state’s leadership, but also have a nationwide impact on whether the U.S. Senate is... Read more »

Fortune Most Powerful Women 2014

Melinda Gates on Birth Control, Women’s Empowerment and Development  

 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-chair explains why she is championing global investments in women and girls.

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