Empowering Women

When women have the power to make decisions about childbearing, the ripple effect is remarkable – bringing health, prosperity, enhanced human rights and a more sustainable future.

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We Heart PAI  

Congrats to our friends and partners at PAI on their 50th anniversary, their smart, strategic rebrand, and their always fresh and committed frame of focusing on women’s reproductive and sexual rights around the world. This week PAI announced a new name. No longer Population Action International because let’s face it, that sounds kind of 70’s... Read more »


This Dreamy Dude Wants You to Use All-Natural Condoms

This is a time of year when, allegedly, lots of people are having lots of sex, because bed is a far preferable place to be than the cold unpleasantness that is outside. But here is something to remember, if you are one of these mythical, winter-sex-having people: If you do not want that sex to produce... Read more »

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